Report: United To Open 787 Base In Los Angeles

Capitol Hill was put on lockdown Thursday after a woman by the name of Miriam Carey drove her car into barriers surrounding the White House and lead police on a high-speed chase through Washington, D.C. Eventually, the driver was fatally shot by police. Like Us on Facebook The 34-year-old woman was a mother and a dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn. Authorities described Carey as having a “mental illness.” “She had post-partum depression after having the baby” last August, said the woman’s mother, Idella Carey, reports ABC News . “She also suffered from psychosis and was using medication for schizophrenia.A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed… She was hospitalized,” her mother added. According to Idella, Miriam had “no history of violence” and she did not know why she was in Washington, D.C. She said she believed Carey was taking the little girl to a doctor’s appointment that day in Connecticut. Carey was fired from her job as a dental hygienist about a year ago, and had experienced a head injury following a fall, her employer Dr. Brian Evans revealed. A federal law enforcement official also said that she showed signs of “serious degradation in her mental health.” Dr. Steven Oken, her boss of eight years, described Carey as a “non-political person” who was “always happy.” “I would never in a million years believe that she would do something like this,” he said. “It’s the furthest thing from anything I would think she would do, especially with her child in the car. I am floored that it would be her.” Carey’s 19-month-old daughter Erica has been placed in protective custody, reports the NY Daily News .

Canada is rendered a colony of the two non-Western superpowers, while the U.S. is left out in the cold, surrounded by its enemies and unable to access that sweet, sweet oil. Calling current trade relations between these superpowers a “new cold war,” Francis believes that the U.S. and Canada need to do what any two businesses would do in the face of an external threat: consolidate.In her controversial new book, ” Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country ,” Francis lays out her thesis for uniting the two North American countries into one. She writes, “Without dramatic change, Canada will remain somewhat sleepy and vulnerable. The United States will continue to go broke buying foreign oil and cheap goods from Asia, then guarding countries that could and should pay for their own protection and, while they are at it, ‘buy American.'” In an interview with Foreign Policy , Francis calls Canada, the “back-door entry” for the emerging superpowers to enter the U.S. markets, which they are currently somewhat excluded from. She says, “Canada is peripheral to the United States, as Turkey is [to the EU], and you’ll notice that the Chinese start to do business not in the EU, but in the periphery — Bulgaria, Turkey. They just landed a bigcontractfor their avionics, their air-traffic controls. They’re building bridges; they’re building roads.” China has been investing heavily in Canadian energy. Last year, the Chinese state-run companyChina National Offshore Oil Corporation purchased Nexen, a Canadian oil and gas company, for $15 billion. However, she believes that while the U.S. and Canada are already merging through investment and immigration, she wants them to go “all the way.” She believes consolidation will happen through trade relations and a loosening of regulations, and will be less formal than an outright merger of the two countries.

6 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Report: United to open 787 base in Los Angeles Today in the Sky Ben Mutzabaugh, USA TODAY 9:18 a.m. EDT October 4, 2013 A United Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner as seen near Boeing’s assembly line facility in Everett, Wash., in 2012. (Photo: United Airlines) China SHARE 427 CONNECT 63 TWEET 6 COMMENTEMAILMORE United Airlines will make Los Angeles its second base for pilots who fly its Boeing 787 Dreamliners, according to’s Edward Russell . Russell writes “subsidiary Continental captains and first officers will fly the aircraft when the base opens,” adding that “a timeline (for) when that will occur has not been set.” United first began flying the Dreamliner in November of 2012 . Until now, the carrier’s 787 pilot base has been at its hub at Houston Bush Intercontinental. The establishment of a 787 pilot base at LAX comes as United increasingly looks to deploy its Dreamliners on Asian routes from the West Coast. ARCHIVES: First Dreamliner passengers sing new jet’s praises (October 2011) “Our 2014 international schedule has the 787 flying many routes to Asia,” Howard Attarian, United’s senior vice-president of flight operations, is quoted by FlightGlobal as saying in a September letter to United’s flight operations group. “In August, we told you that we believe this amount of flying warrants a west coast 787 base to reliably support our network. We have decided that LAX is the right location for this 787 base.” United’s trans-Pacific Dreamliner routes from the West Coast include flights from LAX to Shanghai and Tokyo Narita and soon-to-launch 787 routes between Seattle and Tokyo, San Francisco and Osaka and San Francisco and Chengdu, China . Also in western United States, United offers a trans-Pacific flight to Tokyo out of its Denver hub. A United Airlines Boeing 787 takes off for Chicago from Houston Intercontinental Airport on Nov.

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