Canada’s Parkour Gyms Change Course Of Outdoor Sport

Lafarge Canada Inc. celebrates 40 years of building better cities and communities around the Great Lakes

Several other parkour gyms exist across Canada as well. But not everyone agrees that a sport famed for scaling outdoor structures should have a space constrained by the indoors. A recent article in theNew York Timescriticized the gym culture taking over the otherwise renegade spirit of the sport. Like most parkour gyms, Origins simulates outside challenges for clients to practise on. (Origins Parkour Gym) Safety and the harsh Edmonton winters are the biggest reasonsPantojaturned to an indoor space. FlyFree, which imitates the outdoors with miniature buildings and scaffolding, provides a safe space for students to work up to performing tricks outside. Pantoja, who has mastered a double back flip off a picnic table from a standing position, says he “would never, ever try that outside first … There’s just no way.” And in the winter? Forget about it. “Come to Edmonton, Alta., and see if you can do parkour all year outside,” he says. “Good luck.” Outside not forgotten Iaboni, who trained under Belle and considers himself aparkourpurist, agrees that safety and weather make a strong case for indoor practices. “If I can get a 60-year-old to start moving again inside … why not bring a 60-year-old inside?” he says.

Canada Lithium Announces Project Update

The construction of the new complex is well on its way and visitors will have a chance to learn more about this new process added to the Lafarge Canada Bath cement plan. “We are delighted to welcome everybody today and to share with them our passion for building better cities and communities,” said Richard Sebastianelli, Plant manager, Lafarge Canada Bath cement plant. “Being a responsible neighbor, our team members at the Bath plant have worked hard over the years to lower the impact of our activities on the community. We’ve made many changes to the plant, the most recent being the new complex designed for our low carbon fuel solution that visitors can learn more about today.” The Loyalist region of eastern Ontario has a long history of cement making, taking advantage of the limestone reserves associated with the area. At one time, two cement companies were operating at Point Anne south of Belleville. Canada Cement merged these operations together and ran a cement operation there from 1909 to 1973. In 1970 Canada Cement was merged with Lafarge and the Bath Cement plant was built and started up in 1973. The Bath plant continues to employ descendants of the Point Anne plant today. ABOUT LAFARGE CANADA INC. Lafarge Canada Inc. is Canada’s largest provider of solutions to the construction and development industry. With more than 6000 employees across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions that build better cities and communities. The cities where Canadians live, work, and raise their families along with the infrastructure that supports their communities such as roads, bridges, transportation links, water, and waste management benefit from the solutions provided by Lafarge. Through our Sustainability Ambitions for 2020, Lafarge is committed to providing solutions using sustainable manufacturing practices and improving the environment in and around its operations. At locations across Canada, we have worked to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, restore wetlands for native plants and animals, and identify waste materials that can be recycled and used in our operations.

iTunes Radio launch in Canada imminent as Apple seeks programmers

Since launching last month in tandem with iOS 7, iTunes Radio has been exclusive to the United States. However, Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue has noted that he would like the service to launch in more than 100 countries. Even with this plan in place, there has been no indication of when iTunes Radio would arrive internationally and exactly where Today, weve discovered that Canada could be one of Apples first international countries to support iTunes Radio. Apple is seeking at least two iTunes Radio programmers for Canada: Execute the programming of iTunes Radio in Canada, merchandising new releases and other feature content across multiple radio stations; Update radio featuring daily, identifying new songs, chart gainers, and priority releases, as well as highlighting library content and showcase depth of catalogue; Work with management in Canada and Cupertino to determine local and global priorities relevant to iTunes Radio; Manage the weekly scheduling and programming process, including measuring stream counts, ensuring each station represents the most current and compelling music offering; Collaborate with other editorial programmers on cross content initiatives and promotions. Communicate regularly with the Marketing and Sales team in Canada to coordinate new release and sales based priorities. Based on Apple seeking people to manage stations for iTunes Radio in Canada, the launch is likely imminent. Aside from Canada, Cue seemed to have indicated that the United Kingdom is another priority for the iTunes Radio rollout. Because iTunes Radio is a feature that relies on the music record labels, negotiations and licensing are required for the service to debut country-by-country. Much like with the iTunes Store, it will likely take an extensive time period for iTunes Radio to launch across the world. More info from the job listing: The Canadian Music Programmer will be responsible for the programming of iTunes Radio and the iTunes Music store in Canada. This particular role will report directly to the Head of Music for the Canadian iTunes store, and will be responsible for working cross-functionally across a variety of teams including Editorial, Label Relations, Marketing, Sales, Production & Engineering, and more. The Canadian Music Programmer will be an editorial voice of iTunes Radio, and will be responsible for keeping the product current.

Origins Parkour Gym

The commissioning of the hydro-metallurgical circuit is ongoing, including the sulphate, neutralisation, lithium carbonate and purification circuits. The previously planned upgrades to the carbon dioxide process have been completed and lithium carbonate product currently in the system will be processed through the new circuit. Through the commissioning phase, the Company continues to monitor working capital levels. Product shipments to Tewoo in China are scheduled to resume at the end of October. About Canada Lithium Corp. The Company holds a 100% interest in the Quebec Lithium Project near Val d’Or , the geographical heart of the Quebec mining industry. It has completed construction and is in the commissioning phase of an open-pit mine and on-site processing plant with estimated capacity to produce approximately 20,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium carbonate annually. Metallurgical tests have produced battery-grade lithium carbonate samples. A five-year off-take agreement for a minimum of 12,000 tonnes per year was recently signed with Tewoo-ERDC, one of China’s largest commodities traders. A second off-take for up to 5,000 tonnes per year was recently signed with Marubeni Corp., a major Japanese commodities trading company. Lithium carbonate is used in lithium-ion batteries that power consumer electronics (laptops, tablets, etc.), power-grid storage facilities and electric and hybrid vehicles. For more information regarding the Company, please refer to the Company’s public filings available at and including, in particular, the Company’s Management Discussion and Analysis for the year ended December 31, 2012 and its Annual Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2012 and the Financials and MD&A for the three-month and six-month periods ended June 30, 2013 . The Company trades under the symbol CLQ on the TSX and on the U.S.