Bucharest’s Biggest-ever Classical Music Festival

Google Music app for iOS to drop in October, says report

The Salzburg festival in Austria and the annual summer music festival in Lucerne, Switzerland, are more established classical music events on the European circuit. But the George Enescu Festival, now in its 21st edition, has been quietly but surely making a name for itself, aided by its artistic director Ioan Holender, the Romanian-born musician who directed the Vienna State Opera from 1992 to 2010. An estimated 4,500 people went to 150 concerts, and a record 120,000 tickets were sold for the September festival that drew important orchestras from Europe and the United States. Enescu, who died in 1955, was a Romanian composer, violinist and conductor who moved to Paris when the communists came to power. The festival always begins and ends with his compositions. Some of the tickets sold out in hours. Concerts were even offered as part of the itinerary for a classical music- themed cruise on the Danube that also included concerts in Salzburg and Budapest for a pricey 7,000 euros ($9,450). “I was struck by how prominent (the festival) is in Romanian cultural life,” said Noah Bendix Balgley, concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which played on Sept. 2 and 3. He called the “audience energy and response … incredible,” noting that the hall was standing-room only.

A personal journey with classical music

Muve Music’s 2M subscribers: Music to Cricket’s ears The carrier’s unique service plan, which offers unlimited music downloads for prepaid devices, has led to renewed growth for Cricket. Muve Music offers unlimited downloads. (Credit: Cricket) Over two million subscribers tune into Cricket Wireless’ unlimited Muve Music download service, the company said Thursday, claiming that this makes Muve the country’s most popular on-demand subscription service. Related stories: Hands on with Muve Music Muve (pronounced “move”), which is automatically bundled into the carrier’s rate plan for Android phones , lets customers download as many songs and ringtones as they can store, provided they keep paying their monthly phone bill. In addition to doubling its user base from 1.1 million at the end of 2012, Cricket also says active listeners play music longer than they did last year, to the tune of about 30 hours per month. A Cricket spokesperson told CNET that since its launch in 2011, the Muve Music service has accounted for Cricket’s growth, particularly in converting customers from users of simple phones to owners of pricier Android phones and data plans. With a library of 15 million browsable and searchable songs, Muve Music makes a wide range of popular tracks available, in addition to more niche genres. This is important to Cricket’s core user base, which skews toward the youth demographic. So is the addition of popular, high-end smartphones to Cricket’s prepaid lineup, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 . Tags:

Google Music app for iOS to drop in October, says report A native iOS app for Google’s streaming-music service is being tested inside the company and will be released once bugs are worked out, reports Engadget. October 3, 2013 9:47 AM PDT (Credit: Google) Google Music, the search company’s streaming-music service, will be coming to iOS as a native application soon, according to a new report. Google is currently working on its Music app and plans to get it to Apple’s App Store sometime this month, Engadget reported on Thursday, citing people who are familiar with the search giant’s plans. Google Music for iOS is being tested internally right now, according to the report, and still has few bugs to be worked out before its ready for public release. Related stories Google Music adds seven new countries to its roster Google Music is one of what is becoming a growing number of streaming-music services in the industry. Google Music is already available on Android devices and on the desktop, through the Google Music Web app. There are also some unofficial iOS apps that work with the platform. However, Google has yet to bring its native app to iOS, citing its need for Flash use in order to enforce digital rights management (DRM) on its songs. CNET has contacted Google for comment. We will update this story when we have more information. Topics:

Patrick, Stenhouse join up for country music video

Patrick said she was not acting when she flirted with Stenhouse, whom she’s been dating for a while. ”When I look at him I smile,” she said, ”so that was not hard.” Patrick is certainly accustomed to mainstream spotlight. She’s graced numerous magazine covers and been involved in countless photo shoots, not to mention prominently displayed in the sometimes racy Super Bowl commercials for her sponsor, GoDaddy. The attention is a little more new to Stenhouse, a Sprint Cup rookie, which makes it a bit odd that he’s the one who has to deliver some lines in the video. Patrick never speaks. ”When we got the call to do that I told her we had to. It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and you could tell it was a little nerve-racking,” Stenhouse said. ”It seemed like everybody liked the video so far, so it was cool.” Patrick said the filming was completed just a few weeks ago. ”It’s cool to see it out. It was a lot of fun to do. It was a beautiful day in Mooresville that day,” Patrick said.

Muve Music’s 2M subscribers: Music to Cricket’s ears

Naturally it is said to be associated with Celtic music and were like sheeps in the highlands of Ireland upon hearing it. Although weve never been there physically, only through simulated experiences via movies we watched. The most delicate of all was the Chinese Ditzi, a side blown flute. It is made of jade and it has to be housed in its case all the time, only to be removed from it to be played. Again, were transported to Imperial China in the younger days of Henry Pu-yi. A major surprise was the inclusion of the Philippine bamboo flute, whose sound were all familiar with. The foreign dignitaries and some expats in the audience were treated to the sound of our native highlanders. Miss Guzman chided the audience that she was advised not to play it during allergy season. She was supposed to play Vittorino Montis Czardas before Flutes of the World, but she changed the program by performing this for her final piece. Then again, the audience asked for more and she obliged with about two or three encores. It seemed no one wanted her to go as she received a 10-minute standing ovation. But trips to the comfort room seemed necessary so the 15-minute intermission was declared. Together with other guests unable to function without nicotine in the bloodstream, my partner and I took a quick cigarette break outside and gazed at the lighted CCP fountain.