A Definitive Guide To All The Times Jennifer Aniston Has Supposedly Been Pregnant


The former Friends star is upset with the antics of her Were the Millers co-star and star of the upcoming season of American Horror Story, a source told Showbizspy. Jen totally disapproves of Emmas hard partying and public blowups, a source said . Shes even told Emma that unless she shapes up, she may not be invited back for a possible Millers sequel. The starlet spat seems to stem from Roberts July 9 arrest in Montreal. Emma, daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts, was taken into custody after an alleged altercation with boyfriend and AHS co-star Evan Peters. TMZ reports that authorities were called to the couples hotel room after reports of a fight. After seeing Peters bloody nose and an apparent bite mark, Roberts was taken into custody; she was later released when Peters did not wish to press charges. Additionally, Roberts famously tried to cut in line for a cronut back in August, only to be denied by famed New York bakery Dominique Ansel and hammered in the press for her show of star-power bravado. Then theres all the buzz about Emma Roberts party girl ways; is her role as a self-involved party girl in AHS ironic or typecasting? Jennifer Aniston has had enough. Jens known Emma since she was 12, the insider told Showbizspy. Its sad because Jens been backing her career all the way.

Jennifer Aniston best man: AJ Aniston asked to be Justin Theroux’s best man?

The tabloid industry has been systematically attempting to get Jen pregnant for at least a decade now . Some might say they are trying to sell magazines, although maybe they know that all anyone really wants is for Jen to be happy. So, in lieu of facts, the editors of America’s gossip mags compose daily fan fiction about a very special realm of Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston’s womb. In light of yet another bout of rumors , we decided to take a look at the countless false alarms that have popped up through the years. Personally, we’re waiting for the cover that reads “Jen: Pregnant With Octuplets And Married To Both Justin AND Brad” and means it. But until we get the fairy tale for real, all we can do is dream. Here, to help you avoid getting knocked-up by the lies, a complete guide to Jennifer Aniston’s many fictional pregnancies: Pregnancy By The Numbers The tabloids may not have truth, or facts, or reporting or anything that even remotely resembles journalism, but they do have one thing: math. Behold the calculations that help gossip mags calculate Jen pregnancy rumors. We imagine they use a sort of quadratic formula, but with more fake nursery photos. 1 Total pregnancy rumors about Jen (approximate) Pregnancy According To National Interest The tabloid industry has math, and they also have science, which proves that we want Jen to have a baby. This graph is a statistical representation of the fact that, despite various wars and the current possibility of military action in Syria, all anyone cares about is whether or not there will be a baby for Jen: Pregnancy By Type In constructing the Jennifer Aniston mommy fantasies, tabloid editors can get a little overwhelmed by all the lies. Behold the very nuanced ways in which they have valiantly helped us to struggle through the complete and total lack of real-life Jennifer Aniston pregnancies. The Long-Awaited And Therefore Joyful Pregnancy Here the tabloids are just thrilled about the fake pregnancy that they have created. Sometimes the story centers on an empowered Jen, having the baby on her own. However, no matter the details, the fake pregnancy is gleefully overjoyed …

Jennifer Aniston Angry With Emma Roberts

On Sept. 29, Huffington Post reported that Aniston’s half brother, AJ, will serve as Justin’s best man. “Justin feels that having AJ act as his best man at the wedding will give him an anchor in the family Theres no doubt that AJ is quirky, but hes got a good heart and Jen does love him. AJ is exactly the kind of person that security would throw out of Jens wedding. Instead, hell be front and center at the ceremony,” said a source (via Huffington Post). Jennifer Aniston and her best man are very close and if the rumors are true, it certainly is a nice gesture on Justin Theroux’s part. Since AJ Aniston has always kept quiet when asked about his sister, it’s kind of nice to see him participating in such a huge event in Jen’s life — it proves that they have a good relationship. Although this news has sprouted on the Internet, Jen recently said that she and Justin haven’t even chosen a wedding date — so could this best man news be just a rumor? If the rumors are not true, other contenders for the coveted best man spot include Sebastian Theroux, Justin’s younger brother, and Theroux’s pal, actor Ben Stiller. That is, of course, if Jen and Justin actually decide to have a full-on wedding (who knows? They might elope). Jennifer Aniston’s best man will walk down the aisle with her maid of honor… that could be a number of people including BFF Courteney Cox or BFF Chelsea Handler. Effie Orfanides 2013

Jennifer Aniston gets ‘dirty’ with Jason Sudeikis


Even for someone as physically honed as Aniston, the choreography was brutal. “It wasn’t easy, because I’d just had knee surgery a month and a half before. It was a little bit tedious. And then also just getting trained physically I was really in shape then. I was in the kind of shape I don’t enjoy being in because it feels a little too fit. It’s nice to have some curves, don’t you think? “And the workouts I had to do were so torturous and you just dread it. Burpees? It’s just stupid. You stand up and jump up and do push ups.” So even Aniston, she of the toned yoga bod, has issues? “There are certain curves that are unavoidable. My body and genetics my mother gave me a big (butt). But that’s OK.

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